Laser Dentistry

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Though it may sound strange for lasers to be involved in your dental care, they’ve actually revolutionized the way many procedures are performed. Our Ann Arbor, MI, dentists stand by the benefits this type of tool provides patients which is why we offer laser dentistry inside our office.

Keep reading to learn additional information about laser dental treatments and why this option has proven to be so useful.

When Might Lasers Be Used?

What many patients might find surprising when they first learn about dental lasers is that they actually can result in a more comfortable experience. This is thanks to the level of precision allowed from the laser which helps minimize overall discomfort, bleeding, and swelling in the treated area.

Depending on what you need, our dentists can use lasers to help resolve:

Different Types of Dental Laser Treatments

Laser dentistry deals with two main categories: hard tissue and soft tissue. Hard tissue refers to teeth or bone while soft describes the gums. For example, if someone is having problems with a tooth, lasers can be used to detect early cavities, in conjunction with dental fillings, and as mentioned above, to alleviate tooth sensitivity.

On the other hand, lasers can also come in handy if our dentists need to reshape the gum line, lengthen crowns, remove benign tumors, or treat soft tissue folds that may have resulted from ill-fitting dentures. Overall, laser treatments can be completed in fewer appointments and may be more cost-effective than traditional methods.

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