Meet Our Team

Family Dentist Office Ann Arbor Mi

Our dental hygienists and assistants alike make up one big group of individuals passionate about dentistry and patient care. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything other than a warm smile and friendly attitude when interacting with our Ann Arbor, MI, dentists or other members of the Excel Dental team.

Meet Our Talented Team!

Dentists In Ann Arbor Michigan Dalana Front Desk

Dalana • Front Desk

Hi, my name is Dalana. I am the insurance and financial coordinator at Excel Dental. I started out in the dental field 25+ years ago as a dental assistant while I was finishing up my high school education. Afterwards, I found that my real passion was dental insurance.

I joined Excel Dental in 2018 and have loved every minute since then. Excel Dental is an amazing place to work and having such a great team is what makes each and every day go smoother. We value each and every person that walks into the office from children to adults.

Excel Dental is a very family-friendly place to be and you can see that from the moment you walk in the door. The best part of my job is being able to help patients learn more about their dental benefits and fighting for each patient when the insurance company doesn’t want to help with their smile.

I love to spend my spare time with my husband, niece, and our 2 crazy dogs, Macie and Scrappy Doo. Some of the other things I enjoy doing are reading, cooking, and binge-watching TV shows. I also enjoy getting away to Tennessee so I can relax and unwind.

Dentists In Ann Arbor Michigan Shelby Front Desk

Shelby • Front Desk

I am the patient care coordinator and creative director here at Excel Dental. Working at Excel Dental for the last 8 years has given me the opportunity to use the passion I have for seeing patients through their dental care journey with ease. That means making them happy from their first call to our office to years in the future when they are revisiting us for their preventive routine appointment. I truly see our patients as part of the Excel Dental family.

I started at Excel as a dental assistant after graduating from Ross Medical in 2015. I quickly grew my skills and moved into the administrative side of things! This is where I can greet every patient that enters our office with a smile and can see them leave happy!

I am a Michigan girl through and through. I enjoy road trips up north, raspberry and apple picking, and concerts!

Dentists In Ann Arbor Michigan Hope Hygentist

Hope • Hygienist

Hello! My name is Hope and I am a dental hygienist here at Excel. I’m from a small town in Michigan. I went to school at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.

Excel Dental has been a perfect fit for me and enables me to provide personalized and ethical care to my patients. Excel continually provides me with new opportunities that allow me to grow as a provider and a person. I have built lasting connections with not only my team/coworkers, but also some amazing patients as well.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and my amazing dogs. I also love to travel and be outdoors. Most of all, my faith is very important to me and following Jesus is my ultimate goal.

Dentists In Ann Arbor Michigan Megan Rdh

Megan • Hygienist

Hello, my name is Megan and I’m a registered dental hygienist. I went to the University of Michigan for a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. I grew up in Michigan.

The reason I love working at Excel Dental is because we all value the importance of providing patients with individualized oral hygiene education. This ensures that each patient is getting personalized oral care based on their needs.

Outside of work, my hobbies include camping with friends and family, watching Michigan football, binge-watching TV shows, and playing fetch with my 2 dogs, Dexter and Diesel.

Dentists In Ann Arbor Michigan Emma Dental Assistant

Emma • Dental Assistant

My name is Emma and I’m a dental assistant here at Excel Dental. I feel privileged working with this amazing team here at our family-oriented practice. As a kid growing up here in Michigan, I’ve always known I wanted to work in the dental field, and I feel I hit the jackpot with this practice, the doctors, and the hygienists I work with.

Here at Excel, we share a common interest in the well-being of our patients and each other. It is a blessing to work with such kind-hearted people. I graduated from Careers for Dental Assisting in Birmingham, MI, where I got my assisting and X-ray certificate.

I am Christian so some things I enjoy outside of work are going to church and cool fall mornings with my bible and a coffee in hand!

Dentists In Ann Arbor Michigan Ruby Dental Assistant

Ruby • Dental Assistant

I am Ruby and I work at Excel Dental as a dental assistant. I went to the Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene. I am originally from Ontario, Canada.

Excel dental will always make sure your dental needs are met and go above and beyond to get there. I enjoy working at Excel because I am able to rely on my coworkers to step in when I need them and am treated well and fairly by my colleagues. I am able to multitask and stay organized as well as work well with anybody.

When I am not at work, I like to take the time to cook, bake, paint, and when the weather is nice, do a little bit of gardening.

Dentists In Ann Arbor Michigan Samantha Dental Assistant

Samantha • Dental Assistant

Hi, I’m Samantha! I’m a dental assistant here at Excel Dental in Ann Arbor, MI. I was born and raised in Michigan. I started here at Excel in 2022 and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They make me feel at home here as I truly feel like I am part of the family, from my coworkers to even our patients. So it really makes it easy to come to work every day with a smile.

The loving atmosphere really stands out and I try to implement that back into my interactions with patients. I have been in the dental field for awhile and have done everything from general dental assisting like fillings and crown preps to surgical assisting with full mouth, same-day procedures using zygomatic dental implants.

I know dental work can be scary so my main mission with every one of my patients is to try to make them comfortable and feel more at ease by getting to know them. That means helping them smile and laugh, all the while making sure they are heard and valued.

When I’m off, I love to spend time with my husband and 2 sons, Jaden and Levi. I’m a dog mom to my pitties, Apollo and Betsy, and even a monarch mom! In the summer, I help raise the endangered monarch butterfly and have released over 100 so far! I also volunteer at my local dog rescue when I can, find solace in cooking different meals, and going for nature walks.